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My name is Luna and I am a qualified transformation coach from the Animas Centre for Coaching. I work intuitively with my clients to bring true transformation and to guide them to live their happiest life. I am an empath and was once a people pleaser, with terribly low self worth. This held me back in life and landed me in toxic relationships. I found it hard to say no, I felt like I was never enough and I didn’t feel worthy of love or success. I have now developed healthy boundaries, have unconditional love for myself, and have learned how to still help others without sacrificing myself. I learned what it feels like to love in a healthy way, earned the promotions I deserved and ultimately found my purpose. I became a coach to help others achieve the same through sharing the valuable knowledge I have gathered on my own journey.

Specializing in

"I help people with low self esteem become confident & develop healthier relationships"

Self Love

"Unconditional love for yourself exactly as you are can have a huge positive impact on every aspect of your life."


"It can be hard to climb out of the darkness, but let me guide you back into the light and learn healthy coping mechanisms for when you're feeling low."


"Overthinking and worrying about the future is so common in today's society. Learn to calm your mind, control your thoughts and live in the present moment."


 "Become confident in yourself and who you are. Other people's opinions don't matter when you're secure in yourself."

What is Life Coaching? Who is Coaching For?

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Results I have helped create

I help people raise their self worth, become empowered & confident so they can live their dream life.

Over 2000 copies have been downloaded

The Seven Reasons You Feel Drained & Overwhelmed


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    Clarify your goal with your coach for each session and work through your issues with our professional. You can set one major goal, as well as smaller goals along the way.

    Therapy can sometimes focus on one problem at a time and leave you feeling good until the next problem arises. Transformational coaching creates a mindset shift and a new way of thinking so that slipping back into old patterns or problems is much less likely to happen.

    Medications and treatments often treat the symptoms rather than the cause. Coaching can get to the bottom of the issue and help you to heal so the problems will not arise again.

    Through mindset shifts and a change in perspective, it can be much easier to maintain a baseline level of contentment. Happiness is something we all strive towards and it is much easier to maintain when you have the ability to choose how you feel.

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