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Luna Kalm

Specialising in physical and mental health to help create a holistic approach to healing anxiety and stress.


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Heal your body and mind through coaching using cognitive behaviour therapy, psychological models and tools.

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    Who is life coaching for?

    Life coaching is for anyone who wants to get from point A to B and need some help and guidance to get there. Anxiety & health coaching focuses on healing the mind and body from stress and overthinking.

    Coaching vs counselling?

    Many clients have already tried counselling or conventional therapy and not had the results they wanted. Coaching is a great way to reach your goals and get the results you want by combining different therapy techniques, psychological models and full support.

    How to stop overthinking?

    You will learn valuable tools and methods to stop overthinking by recognising it before it happens and becoming able to control your thoughts.

    How can stress affect the body?

    Stress can cause multiple physical ailments after a prolonged period. These can include headaches, chronic fatigue, IBS, stomach issues, muscle and joint pain, frequent urination and low mood.

    How to book an appointment?

    Just click “schedule free session” to open the calendar booking page. Choose an available time & date to schedule your free call then click confirm. You will be sent a Zoom meeting invitation and can join through the link at the time of your appointment.

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